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As Democrats contunue to spar, Trump steals their base

This week, Mr. Trump met for an hour and a half with union leaders in the Oval Office — one of the key bases of the Democratic Party — and by all accounts, won them over.

“I think it’s important to talk about the fact that [Trump] picked up the message that’s been our message [that] the Democrats did not emphasize,” Teamsters President James Hoffa told Neil Cavuto on Fox News on Wednesday. “It’s about jobs. It’s about people being left behind.”

“He’s not just going to be the big business president; he’s going to be the president of everybody here,” Mr. Hoffa said. He admitted “it’s amazing a Republican is doing this” regarding Mr. Trump’s executive action ending the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but Mr. Hoffa said he was very optimistic about the future.


If Mr. Trump pulls this off and delivers on what he promises, then it could be lights out for the Democrats. They will have lost their blue-collar union base altogether. The 10 Senate seats they need to defend in 2018 in states where Mr. Trump won? Gone. All on a message, that was originally theirs.