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The Democratic VP nominee sees a slight uptick in support as “Dozens” of People Including a Class of 4th Graders Turn Out to See Tim Kaine in North Carolina

As the Corporate Media is Tries their hardest to suppress the Monumental numbers seen at #TrumpRally's and equally attempts to suppress the very minimal numbers seen at Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Rally's.  Small Media Organizations,  Random truth seekers, average citizens, and self-proclaimed #GuerrillaJournalists are emerging and will slowly become the new Media as the Deep, Deep, corruption unfolds. As the election nears end the #Accountability will begin.  


I'M mean they brought 4th Graders.  How better to fill a room than bring kids can't make the choice of attending or not attending, but God Forbid kids have to say the pledge... Riiiight?   Wonder how a field Trip permission slip to a #TrumpRally would have gone over in the Corporate Media eyes...