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Miley Cyrus takes steps towards Healing a Divided nation in a time where unity is imperative.

Though Her Feelings (which I Personally Disagree With) are still very clear.. And I'll be it, they are baby steps...They are steps.. Her message does begin a road towards healing divide and demonstrates a willingness of acceptance of  and dialogue with strongly opposing views... and folks this is what our country is built on..

This is a stark contrast set forth in the advancement of division demonstrated by the likes of some powerful figures including Lady Gaga.

In a divided nation where we see violence as the result of an presidential election, we must commend these acts to unite a nation and bring people together and truly ask.... What are the intentions of those not trying to unite our country? 

Today I grit my teeth.. and say "Miley Cyrus I applaud you step in beginning a path to Heal through dialogue." 

"Lady Gaga, I ask you.. What are you trying to accomplish, and I challenge you to ask yourself what good does it do for the nation as a whole and how are you going feel when someone gets hurt, hut bad, possibly killed?