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Lou Dobbs "Americans Will No Longer Tolerate Attempts at Mind Control Through Political Correctness"

Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on the left-wing national news media and celebrities, all arrayed against Donald Trump, still snapping at his heels. Monumental left-wing ignorance on full display as well at the American Music Awards last night as they stupidly mocked the Trumps.” Mr. Dobbs then plays some excerpts of the nauseating garbage that was part of the broadcast.

He notes, “Those nasty comments turned off the audience, by the way, if you were wondering. The ignorance of the production generated a quick economic consequence for the AMA producers and ABC network – a nosedive in audience numbers. The ratings for the awards show in fact hit an all-time low. The lowlife AMA production followed the cast of the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” lecturing Vice President-elect Mike Pence, for which Donald Trump has demanded an apology."