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Amish in PA Seeking Drivers to Help Beat Hillary Clinton on Election Day

Election day is rapidly approaching, and while Hillary Clinton seems busy defending states like Michigan that were already thought to be firmly locked up for her, Donald Trump is on the offensive in historically blue states that could very well end up in his corner.  

With this years election as non-conventional as a Vegetarian in a hot dog eating contest, it going to come down to several swing states...  Some of the norm and some that historically favor Democrats swinging Red for the first time in many elections.

Most of this is widely reported on the local front, but never picked up by the Corporate Media.

A Highly Under-reported  story this year is showing members of Amish communities quietly supporting Trump.  As the election nears and the Amish community identifies the rampant Media BIAS they have taken to unconventional methods to speak out on their endorsement and rally behind the "Change' Nominee.


The same Amish PAC has put up billboards in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania May hold the Key to a TRUMP Presidency. .