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Want to see a Compilation of IRONCLAD PROOF the media in in the Bag for Hillary? Here you go.... WARNING... This will make you Extremely angry that you have been #Zombifie by the 287 Elites who control the MEDIA...



Clinton Staff hosts private “off-the-record cocktail party” with 38 “influential” reporters, journalists, editors, and anchors (from 16 different mainstream media outlets including CNN, NBC, CBS, NYT, MSNBC, & more) with the stated goal of “framing the race”:
https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/5953 (see attachment)
John Podesta hosts a dinner with reporters: I’m “Cooking for 30 of your reporter friends”:
Full list of media guests: https://www.wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/12063
Donna Brazile (CNN contributor at the time, and current DNC Chairman now) leaked a CNN town hall question to Hillary’s staff:

Fox News leaked Town Hall question to Clinton campaign:
Clinton campaign and the New York Times coordinating attack strategy against Trump:

New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich gives Hillary veto power:

Glen Thrush, POLITICO's chief political correspondent and senior staff writer for POLITICO Magazine, sends John Podesta an article for his approval. Writes: "Please don't share or tell anyone I did this. Tell me if I fucked up anything":
Boston Globe colludes with Clinton campaign to give Hillary a “big presence”:
John Podesta receiving drafts of New York Times articles before they’re published:
Ad for Hillary Clinton secretly pitched by ‘right-leaning’ Heat Street ‘journalist’ Louise Mensch:
More media collusion: NYT and AP “helpful” to Clinton campaign:
Brent Budowsky (writer for The Hill and Huffington Post) warns John Podesta about possible Hillary attacks and that not talking to the press is killing her support: “I’m not going to raise this publicly, but..”:
Huffington Post contributor Frank Islam writes to John Podesta in email titled “My blogs in the Huffington Post”, says “I am committed to make sure she is elected the next president.” “Please let me know if I can be of any service to you”:
Clinton staff “Placing a story” with Politico / New York Times: “place a story with a friendly journalist” “we have a very good relationship with Maggie Haberman of Politico” “we should shape likely leaks in the best light for HRC”:
Clinton staff “placing a story with a friendly at the AP (Matt Lee or Bradley Klapper)”:
MSNBC's Meet The Press host and Political Director for NBC News, Chuck Todd, hosted a dinner party in 2015 for Clinton Campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri:

Leading pro-Hillary personalities Jessica ValentiJamil Smith, and Sady Doyle "worked with" the campaign:
Clinton staff appearing to control the release times of Associated Press articles:
Clinton staff colluding with New York Times and Wall Street Journal to paint Hillary’s economic policies in a “progressive” light:
CNBC panelist colluding with John Podesta on what to ask Trump when he calls in for an interview: