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Greta Van Susteren Demands Answers From Clinton Campaign After Disgusting Leaked Email, They Respond

Greta's Letter:

Dear Nick, Please convey this message below directly to the Secretary. If you don’t intend to do so, please let me know and I will try other avenues to get this email to her.
Dear Madam Secretary,
I have always been respectful and probing. Philipe in an email to you
– which is now being published in many news organizations – referred
to me as “malleable.” Of course this is insulting to me as a
journalist but I can take insults. However, I don’t think it fair
when my interviews have always been respectful and probing and fair
Philipe mistakes respectful and probing and fair for “malleable.” I
would very much like to interview you now about this and get this
cleared up for my reputation. This would be fair – just as I have
been fair. Best, Greta Van Susteren


First, let me start by saying that in my many years working for HRC, I
have rarely heard her or staff more consistently convey respect for a
journalist than for you. While at State when you joined us on the
road and during our extensive conversations leading up to the book
tour. Your interviews with HRC haven’t been because you’re easy on
her, in fact I’d argue she suffers in performance when she’s up
against a lesser intellect. You challenge her, and do so on
substance, you’re tough, lawyerly, and fair. And that’s why you are
someone she likes personally and respects professionally.
So while I’m not going to get into a game of dictionary here, that has
been my experience, and while that single email from years ago is
unfortunate, it’s not representative of anyone’s view.
Having said all of that, I think we all understand that this
transpiring was not helpful to you in the least, and I’m very sorry
about that.
I think I could make a reasonable argument for why putting HRC out
with you right now would not be to anyone’s benefit, but the truth is
that we are simply not there yet. It doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking
things through more broadly, but the focus of the campaign as it
ramped up and in the short period since the launch has been to engage
voters in the early states, first and foremost, and raise money.
We’ve started to do some local interviews here and there, but that’s
been it.
I’ve included Jennifer here to make sure you know that everyone is
fully aware of what happened and your reaching out to us about it.
Happy to talk about this more at your convenience, and I hope we can
continue to maintain your working relationship with us, and with HRC.

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